Who We Are

We are not a big achiever but we are a rising sun. we will give you full light. Keep faith, We are well wisher for doctor and patient

we are trying to solve these problems :
  • How to reach patients to doctor
  • How to book doctor's appointment by illiterate people.
  • How to take an appointment without internet, computer, laptop and smart mobile .
  • How to manage M.R. appointment by doctor without telecaller or staff

Even today thousands of people are struggling to get an appointment with a doctor. though there are many websites and mobile app to resolve this problem but what things we need to use and means are not available with everybody e.g. internet, computer, laptop, smart phone. To know about there they should be educated also.

But even today Indians live in villages and remote areas where internet like facility is rare and strength of educated people is also less. Since disease doesn’t breakout according to education or places. Anybody can get an appointment and meet doctor even an illiterate can have the need to meet doctor then. How he should get appointment to doctor and see the doctor.

Remedy to this problem has been found by “Doctor’s Appointment Service” by which one can book an appointment by giving a miss call on doctor number after giving miss call on doctor number, it would be disconnected automatically and you will get 2 messages as 1st for doctor appointment with date and time and 2nd message for doctor address. So that you can reach easly.